Lacy's Face Masks

PackingM3 / CTN
10 x 50's0.0164

Lacy's Food Warmer

Wax / Gel72 x 250ml
Gel12 x 1 litre
Wax Tin1 x 14 kg

Lacy's Baking / Parchment Paper

Siliconised on both sides

Biodegradeble. Sourced from sustainable forests

CodeSizePackingM3 / CTN
BP45045cm x 100m6 rolls0.0445
BP30030cm x 100m6 rolls0.0294
Ream40cm x 60cm x 500's10.010

Food Services and Hospitality 

Lacy's Aluminium Trays & Plastic Lids

SizePackingM3 / CTN
524 x 326 x 82/8650 pcs0.0610
+ Plastic Lids50 pcs0.0290
322 x 69 x 60/64100 pcs0.0447
+ Plastic Lids100 pcs0.0430
205 x 205 x 45/48600 pcs0.0980
+ Plastic Lids600 pcs0.0490

Premium Quality

Aluminium Foil

CodeSizePackingM3 / CTN
QAF8845cm x 1.35kg6 rolls0.0298

Lacy's Quality Greaseproof Paper

Biodegradable. Sourced from sustainable forests 

CodeSizePackingM3 / CTN
GP45045cm x 100m6 rolls0.0445
GP30030cm x 100m6 rolls0.0294

Pacific Packaging (Far East) Pte Ltd

Premium Quality 

Cling Film

CodeSizePackingM3 / CTN
QCF88845cm x 1.50kg6 rolls0.0381

Lacy's Premium Quality Cling Wrap

For the food service professionals

CodeSizePackingM3 / CTN
CF26033cm x 600m6 rolls0.0334
CF31130cm x 300m6 rolls0.0294
CF31230cm x 600m6 rolls0.0294
CF26145cm x 900m4 rolls0.0529
CF31345cm x 300m6 rolls0.0445
CF31445cm x 600m6 rolls


​All sizes come with metal blade / easy slide cutter

Lacy's Gloves - Vinyl, Latex, HDPE, HDPE Embossed

SizePackingM3 / CTN
Vinyl - S/M/L10 x 100's0.0242
Latex - S/M/L10 x 100's0.0242
High Density Plastic50 x 100's0.0441
HDPE Embossed

50 x 100's


Lacy's Garbage Bags (Black & Transparent)

30 x 34 x 1000's
30 x 39 x 500/1000's
36 x 48 x 500's
19 x 19 x 5000's

Lacy's Premium Quality Aluminium Foil

For the food service professionals

CodeSizePackingM3 / CTN
AF31530cm x 300m6 rolls0.0298
AF31644cm x 75m A/P6 rolls0.0184
AF31744cm x 150m H/D6 rolls0.0298
AF31845cm x 300m3 rolls0.0220
AF32144cm x 150m A/P6 rolls0.0298
AF32230cm x 150m A/P6 rolls


​A/P - All Purpose; H/D - High Density