Lacy's Disposable Paper Containers is perfect for B2B customers. Comes in various shapes and sizes.

Low MOQ!

Disposable Paper Containers

Lacy's Disposable Paper Plates comes in various sizes perfect for parties, buffets etc. 

6", 7", 9"

​50 pcs per packet

Drop us a call at 6545 1893 or contact us via an online form 

Disposable Paper Cups & Lids

Lacy's Disposable Paper Cups & Lids comes

in regular paper and rippled cup for hot beverages.

Comes with lids for the perfect package

​​Available in Multiple Sizes

Converter of Cling Film, Aluminium Foil, Greaseproof, and Baking Paper, and Distributor of kitchen and household essentials. 

Phone: (65) 6545 1893 / 94 

​​Available in Multiple Sizes


Wholly owned subsidiary,

handling local distribution in Singapore

Disposable Paper Plates

Fax: (65) 6545 1895

​​Available in Multiple Sizes